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Sunset in Mountain

Marriage Ministry

"Our goal is to develop a culture of growing marriages that are declaring the greatness of God."


Leaders: Shawn & Audrey Gibbs



Preparing Team
Enriching Team
Establishing Team
Praying Team
Preparing Team
Establishing Team
Enriching Team

Leaders: Mason & Liz Saffels and Jennifer Funderburk

Leaders: Wayne & Susan Close

Leaders: Damon & Dawn Cox

Leaders: Steve & Penny Sage

Focuses on daily, intention prayer for Heart of Life marriages and for the marriage ministry.

Focuses on relationship-building, decision-making, and providing resources for those who are dating, engaged, or considering marriage. 

Focuses on providing encouragement and support for couples during their early years of marriage.

Focuses on providing ongoing marriage-centered opportunities for couples in all stages of marriage. 

Restoring Team
Restoring team

Leaders: Eric & Sierra Walker

Focuses on connecting with a couple when marriage is in distress, aiming to help with physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and restoration. 

To get connected with one of these teams contact Shawn at

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