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Heart of Life has been working at spreading the gospel in Asia since 2009. Taiwan was the starting point and now we also have mission work in Myanmar and other Southeast Asian nations.

In Taiwan, missionaries from Heart of Life are actively involved in school ministry, making connections Taiwanese students by practicing their English in the classroom, and developing relationships at events outside of the classroom. There is also a second ministry called Rocked World. The reoccurring theme in each script is to show real life situations in which there is a tragedy and people must face the choices they made in this life. Currently there are 5 active drama teams and this has proven to be an extremely successful method to share Christ to those who have not yet heard.

In connection with Orphan's Hope World Mission, Heart of Life operates Project Nic. Through this partnership we provide shelter, food, medicine, and the gospel in Myanmar and other nations in Asia. To find out more about Project Nic, click here. 

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