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The HOL missions work in Africa is focused on the small country of Togo in West Africa. Our goal is to share the Gospel and to encourage and grow the local church in all aspects of the Christian life. Since starting our ministry in Togo in 2007, we have worked in a variety of different ways to accomplish this goal. We focus our efforts on training the indigenous believers to become more effective in reaching the Togolese with the Gospel and growing the church. In an effort to do this, we have trained children ministry workers, held children camps, trained women’s ministry workers, taught health classes, taught farmers better production techniques, and taught business training classes for the business people in the church. In 2011 we started a Pastors Training School for rural pastors who do not have an opportunity to attend a traditional seminary. In October 2015 we held our first graduation ceremony with 20 students completing the course of study in just over five years.

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