HOL has been working at spreading the gospel in Asia since 2009. Taiwan was the starting point and now HOL has mission work also in Myanmar. There are 2 main ministries HOL is supporting/doing in Asia. The first is caring for kids in need through a Orphan’s Hope shelter program. HOL has 3 kid shelters to date with over 60 kids currently being cared for. HOL is obviously caring for their physical needs but also their spiritual needs, as well. There is also an active effort to get kids adopted into Christian families. The second ministry is a drama ministry. The drama team is called Rocked World. The reoccurring theme in each script is to show real life situations in which there is a tragedy and people must face the choices they made in this life. Currently there are 5 active drama teams and this has proven to be an extremely successful method to share Christ to those who have not yet heard.