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What's Happening at HOL

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It's no wonder so many people are discouraged with prayer.  Instead of a genuine encounter with God, prayer is little more than a grocery list of requests.  Maybe you, too, seek God's hand rather than his face. How do you truly connect with God through prayer? Join us in the six week study as we learn how everything changes when you seek God's face...  Transforming Prayer.

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Dates: Feb 24th-26th @ LifeChange Camp

351 NE 831 Rd, Clinton, MO 64735

Study will be led by Grace Assad,  "God of the Wilderness"

Two nights,  including all meals, for a cost of $165.00

T-Shirts are available for purchase at $20 each

Sign Up & full payment is due by Feb. 12th...  Scholarships are available

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For more info see Mike Cook or Pam Hustad or email

3/18  Jia En Kids shelter VBS in Tainan county

3/19  Tainan Holiness Church am/young adult activities/free time afternoon

3/20  Tainan county countryside prayer walking/service projects with local American missionary couple

3/21   Free day in Taipei

3/22-24   Schools testimonies with Pastor Michelle in Taipei area

3/25 USA/Taiwan House churches ½ day conference on how to share the Gospel more in Taiwan 2023 in Taichung

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