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Heart of Life is about 

Jesus, His Family, His Mission



When God made the world and everything in it, he said, “It was good,” yet how many of us would use that phrase to describe our closest relationships?


Conflict, division, rivalry, and more. What do you do when it all hits the fan? Come discover with us this series beginning January 21st.


9:00 AM Garden City

10:45 AM Harrisonville

11:00 AM East Lynne

"When Relationship hits the fan"

HOL Garden City

Garden City

96 Old 7 Hwy, Garden City, MO 64747

Worship: Sundays 9am
Bible Study: Sundays 10:30am

HOL Harrisonville


709 South Butler Drive, Harrisonville MO. 64701

Meal:  Saturdays 5:00pm
Worship: Saturdays 6:00pm

Prayer:  Sundays 8:30am
Bible Study:  Sundays 9:00am
Breakfast:  Sundays 10:00am
Worship: Sundays 10:45am

HOL East Lynne

East Lynne

402 Main Street, East Lynne MO. 64743

Worship: Sundays at 11:00am

The Vault

The Vault

100 East Pearl Street, Harrisonville MO. 64701

HOL Adrian


55 East Main Street, Adrian MO 

Bible Study: Wednesdays 6pm

Contact Us

100 East Pearl Street, Harrisonville, MO. 64747  |  Tel: 816-773-8577

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