What we do



We believe that worship is our response to God for who He is. And since we believe that He is the mighty creator of the universe, savior of the world, and our personal friend, we want our response to be worthy of Him. We desire to give Him all the glory and praise that He is due. We know this can’t be done in just a one hour service or just through music, but each week we gather at all campuses to praise Him together in one voice.


Our worship time together is led by a team composed of a full band (guitars, bass, drums, keyboard, and vocalist) that use many styles of music to express our praise to our God. Come join us!


Membership often gives the picture of having your name on a list, checking a box, paying a due, or receiving benefits. At Heart of Life, we want to be partners in the work of the gospel. We are seeking to imitate the relationship of Paul and the Philippian Church. 

Women Holding Hands


We believe that God desires for us to always be growing in our relationship with Him and our relationships with others. Here at Heart of Life we do this through Bible Studies and Life Teams. Click the links below for more info and to get plugged in. 



Opportunities to Serve at Heart of Life


  • Women’s events volunteering

  • Seasonal decorating

  • Audio / Visual team

  • Worship team

  • Hospitality

  • Information center

  • Encouragement team

  • Prayer Team


  • Serving with the children and students

  • Cooking meals for illnesses or new babies

  • Cooking for Uplift

  • Baptism team

  • Greeters

  • Campus Landscaping

  • Safety Team

  • Food Pantry 

Countryside Road



The Biblical picture of missions begins where we are. So alongside our efforts in our communities, we also partner with Restoration House and UPLIFT. 

We also continue to pursue opportunities to spread the gospel in the communities surrounding us.


We here at Heart of Life are regularly sending short term mission teams to both Togo, West Africa and Taiwan. We also have several shelters in Southeast Asia.