On Saturday, July 8th the Togo Mission team landed safe and sound where they will be speading the gospel of Jesus over the next several days! Keep them in your daily prayers!


The drama, games and English classes went great yesterday! We go to our 2nd school this morning here and then will move to Hualien to stay for a couple days and teach in 2 more schools. Drama that was performed for the school.  


Arrived in Taipei on Friday, March 10th and got all settled in and enjoyed a Taiwanese breakfast! Going to Bread of Life Church this morning with Charis and then an afternoon of finalizing all our lessons/drama for the week!  


On October 21st the Taiwan Mission Team touched down in Taipei to start their 10 day adventure teaching children throughout several cities in Taiwan. Here are a few (of many) photos shared by the team….    

The people of the villages of Togo are so gracious, kind and hospitable, you can’t help but fall in love with them. The team left Mission Tove by small bus at 10:00 a.m. this morning and drove across the Togo/Ghana border and into Accra. It’s about a 5 hour drive, but they barely noticed the…

Today the group went to a restaurant in Lome called Merlot were they got to enjoy pizza! They will be heading back home soon and are looking forward to seeing everyone and sharing their stories of their time in Togo. Seamstress making dresses for the ladies of Heart of Life to wear tonight at the…

August 2, Tuesday What a lovely day all of the ladies experienced with the beautiful women of Legbasito! Women’s Ministry was well received by the 45 ladies from elementary age through upper- aged women. The 75 women’s hygiene kits were distributed. The ladies of the church were thrilled and grateful. They asked many excellent questions….

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