Mission Statement

Connecting all members of the HOL family by providing opportunities for spiritual growth, relational development, and a faithful support system.

Life Teams

What are Life Teams?

Life teams are small groups of believers that meet weekly to connect with each other and grow spiritually.

Why Should I be in a Life Team?

1) Relationships! Lifeteams allow you a chance to build stronger relationships and connections because of family environment found in life teams.

2) Life teams allow a safe small group setting to open up with questions, concerns, and struggles.

3) Life teams allow more room to wrestle with a topic, more opportunity for your voice to be heard, more ears to confirm that you are not alone.

What do Life Teams Provide?

1) Life teams provide connection for growth: The ability to experience personal spiritual growth grounded in discussion and Bible study.

2) The ability to build relationships beyond what you have in Sunday Bible Study.

3) The “care factor”: The larger the church grows the more important life teams become. They provide the benefits of a small church.

4) Contrast from Sunday morning: Sunday morning is more about the feeding of information, like school. A life team is a chance to discuss and bounce information and opinions off each other, more like a coffee shop.

Get Connected to a Life Team