A rowdy game of Spoons at the Women's Retreat!

Ladies Game Night
Fun, Fellowship and Food!
Sept. 8th, 7-9pm
My memories of game nights have always had a special place in my heart, whether with my family, extended family or friends. In our family of four, we tried to have a family game night once a week. We did not accomplish this regularly, but when they happened, they were my favorite nights by far. I have a Mom confession; I secretly enjoyed using “tube time out” as a consequence for my boys when they were in trouble. This was because with the absence of video games, TV shows or phones to distract them, there was nothing else to do but to play a family game! We talked, laughed and connected when we were face to face over a game board or deck of cards!
Games were a big part of my extended family time as well. At most of our family gatherings, once the food was eaten and the table was cleared, we pulled out a stack of cards or a set of dominoes and most all of those in attendance would sit down for the fun! We did not feel our time together was complete until at least one of us laughed until we cried!
In college, we could not afford anything else to do so, when we got together with friends we were often gathered around a table with a few decks of cards. One couple we played with had young kids, and we would encourage their two year old daughter to go sit in our partner’s lap. She was a sweet little thing who would cry out, “Horsey!” when she saw the picture on the joker card in the deck we were using. If you heard that word, you knew your team had a better chance at winning that night! To this day, when we get back together, we can pull out a deck of cards and feel like no time has past.
So, come out for our Ladies game night play some cards, make some connections and join in the comedy! Because when women get together, there is always laughter!

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